The Audi A5 Batmobile

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The Audi A5 Batmobile. The Audi A5 Batmobile was already revealed by AVUS PERFORMANCE. In this new Audi A5, certain modification was already made. These modifications were not only stressed in its visual appearance, but also explored deeper in its performance aspects. These could be seen with installment of KW coilovers V3 which has adjustable compression and rebound dampening. With this feature, it was believed that the driving ability of Audi A5 will improve significantly. To improve appearance, all around the car were applied with matt black color.
The Audi A5 Batmobile
A pair of 21 inch Jofiel Black Limited Edition wheels in 9.5×21” were used  as the front tire. While  a pair 21 inch Jofiel Black Limited Edition wheels in 11×21” were used for rear tire. This tire type usage improved Audi A5’s appearance to be the up to date Batmobile. Another modification was made in ECU. With this modification, the 3.0 LTDI engine give bigger power as it reached 275 bhp and 600 Nm (442.48 lb/ft) in torque. Thus Audi A5 became more agile. The latest technologies in lighting was also installed in Audi A5. Another appearance improvement that was presented in Audi A5 was the A5/S7 LED taillights as they painted in sparkling black color.

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