Porsche Boxster Review, Specs, Price

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Porsche Boxster Review, Specs, Price, what car reviews, When it debuted in the late ’90s, the Porsche Boxster ushered in an era of the more affordable Porsche convertible. Featuring a finely balanced midengine layout, sublime handling and steering, and the performance of a proven, sophisticated flat-6 engine, the Boxster quickly became part of the Porsche legend and one of the best-selling cars in the luxury roadster class.

There are several big-name competitors with equivalent cachet, but one drive in a Boxster is often all it takes to end a sports car shopping trip. Several evolutionary updates and detail changes through the years have kept the Boxster generally competitive in the face of faster and newer rivals. The latest version is the most powerful ever, with more than 300 horsepower available.

After a decade in production, the classically styled Porsche Boxster also remains a serious, purpose-built midengine sports car designed to travel hard and fast — sometimes demanding a driver’s undivided attention but rewarding the skilled pilot with razor-sharp feedback and unmatched thrills and satisfaction behind the wheel. If that’s what you’re after and you can swing a sometimes pricey bottom line, you couldn’t convince us of a more compelling choice, new or used.

Power to the feeble
Porsche has replaced the old Boxster’s 2.7-litre engine with a new 2.9-litre unit that produces 255hp — 10 more than its predecessor. The outstanding, top-of-the-ladder Boxster S gets a new lump, too — a 3.4-litre direct fuel-injection unit producing 310hp — 15hp more than the old Boxster S.

Miraculously, this extra performance doesn’t come at the expense of fuel economy — quite the opposite, in fact. The 2.9-litre Boxster gets 31mpg (9.1 litres per 100km), while the Boxster S gets 30.1mpg (9.4 litres per 100km) — 10 per cent and 15 per cent improvements on the previous engines.

Launch control
One of the hottest new features in the Boxster S is the PDK twin-clutch transmission, which (when fitted with the optional Sports Chrono Package Plus) allows launch control.

Select ‘Sport +’ mode using a button on the centre-console, place your left foot on the brake pedal, slam your right foot hard on the accelerator and the engine will rev to the perfect speed. When the traffic lights turn green — or the pretty girl drops her hankie — lift off the brake pedal while keeping the accelerator planted and what was once the horizon will become a distant memory.

Perfect timing
The standard Boxster does the 0-60mph sprint in a respectable 5.9 seconds — which is fast enough to embarrass most sporty hatchbacks. The Boxster S, however, with PDK transmission, does the sprint in 5 seconds flat — just half a second slower than the Porsche 911.

Those who don’t believe Porsche’s figures can prove it for themselves. Each Boxster S comes with a dash-mounted digital/analogue timer that records 0-60mph runs, quarter-mile drag races and lap times on to a hard drive linked to the engine computer.

Hard driving
The Porsche Boxster has some very impressive cabin tech, most of which is controlled via the Porsche Communication Management 3.0 system (PCM) — a central control unit for all navigation, audio and communication. We found the audio aspects of the system most impressive. Maps are stored on the 40GB hard drive, which allows for faster route calculation, but like most sat-navs, it isn’t quite as user-friendly as it should be. Why are there separate buttons for ‘trip’, ‘navi’ and ‘map’, for example? Aren’t they all basically the same thing?

PCM’s audio features are far more impressive. Connect your iPod via a cable in the centre console and PCM lets you browse playlists, track lists and playback controls all via the 16.5cm (6.5-inch) 16:9 touchscreen display. Other MP3 players are supported by line-in, and the USB port lets you connect a USB key or external hard drive full of music. Our only gripe in this area is that you can’t rip audio CDs or copy MP3 files to the car’s built-in hard drive, as you can with the Lexus RX450h.

Porsche Boxster

Porsche Boxster Price :

Trim Base
Base Retail Price (MSRP) : $48,100
Trim S
Base Retail Price (MSRP) : $58,600
Trim Spyder
Base Retail Price (MSRP) : $61,800

Porsche Boxster Specs :
• Body Style : Roadster
• Size : Compact
• Market Segment : Sports
• Weight : 2943 lbs
• Length : 172.1 in.
• Width : 70.9 in.
• Height : 50.9 in.
• Wheelbase : 95.1 in.
• Ground Clearance : 5.0 in.
• Front Track : 58.7 in.
• Rear Track : 60.4 in.
• Weight Distribution : TBD
• Drag Coefficient : 0.29
Interior – General
• Seats : 2
• Passenger Volume : TBD
• Cargo Volume : 9.9 cu. ft.
• Cargo Volume (Seats Folded) : N/A
Interior – Front Row
• Volume : TBD
• Leg Room : 33.5 in.
• Head Room : 37.6 in.
• Shoulder Room : 51.5 in.
• Hip Room : TBD
• Fuel Type : Gas
• Engine Type : 2.9L Flat 6
• Power : 255 hp @ 6400 rpm
• Torque : 214 lb-ft @ 4400-6000 rpm
• Transmission : 6-Speed Manual
• Highway Fuel Economy : 27 mpg
• City Fuel Economy : 19 mpg
• Forced Induction : None
• Direct Injection : No
• Layout : Rear Wheel Drive
• Front Suspension : Strut-Type
• Rear Suspension : Strut-Type
• Front : 17″ Aluminum
• Front Tires : 205/55 R17
• Rear : 17″ Aluminum
• Rear Tires : 235/50 R17
Trailering & Hauling
• Trailer Weight : N/A
• Payload
• Tongue Weight : N/A

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