Nissan Juke Reviews And Price

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Born with a crossover turned out to make Nissan Juke looks weird. Yes it is the first impression when looking at Nissan Juke. Japanese car offers a unique concept and quite rare.

But do not misjudge, Nissan Juke rather peculiar car. Juke is a crossover car that is ready to deliver a sense of driving is different.
Front view, Nissan Juke such as not using bumpers. Juke carrying oval bumper design and grille together with a deliberately designed to look like a spider’s web. But it looks sporty blend. In this case Nissan is still concerned with the flow of air into the engine room.

While the two supporting characters round headlamp Juke until flawless frightening. But there is a unique face Juke. That is where the small lamp on the left and right hood. After investigation, the design was for us to monitor the front area of the car from the passenger cabin.

While the middle to the rear is not unique to miss. The combination of wide in front and seemed to shrink into the stern of maximizing the aerodynamic aspect of the car. So overall, the external appearance such as Nissan Juke suitable for young souls who hooked plesiran.

Being in the passenger cabin of Nissan Juke we feel not unlike SUVs, sedans and crossovers are widely circulated in the market. The dashboard Juke simple enough to be refitted as audio, USB, iPod, which enabled the manual steering, and seats that can be backed by advance lever under the seat.

Fun passenger cabin is quite spacious and the rear corner of the Juke easily monitored especially with the parking sensors. While the outlook is quite relieved. Unfortunately the design of the A-pillars are too difficult for us to monitor the outside front corner of the left and right.

There is a reasonable discussion to bumper design. Our conjecture is true if the turn signal located on the side of the hood it could serve to monitor the front area. We make lights that are categorized as a benchmark because the engine width.

Machine was turned on. Buzzing of the engine capacity of 1500 cc HR15DE Xtronic CVT is quite smooth. Excess Nissan Juke is equipped with a choice of driving modes. There are three options namely Eco driving modes, Standard and Sport. Each mode has a character different machines.

All that you can activate via the integrated keypad on the front console. If you press the D-Mode, a small screen will present the driving modes to suit your desires. But if you press the Climate, the screen will move to AC regulator. With it you can adjust the temperature as desired.

Curiosity by Juke getting bigger, it’s time to try driving eco mode. When There’s pressing eco button, the screen will show a green color. 1500 cc engine was very poor effort.

While we walk on the gas pedal, the engine feels sluggish performance ride. With eco mode, the engine is still less show a good performance. The condition seemed to correspond with the name of eco.

Time to try driving mode. Then the screen shows a white color. Well, the engine gets a little effort. When the gas pedal in the foot, the engine turns faster rise than eco mode. How does driving a sports mode?

Well, for one was very different. In accordance with the character of sport, messin more responsive. Footing for the footing was terisis. This technology seems ideal for those who want to explore the speed with Nissan Juke.

When driven on the highway, the engine is a little sound to the cabin and a bit disturbing. But the sound is pretty standard for Japanese auto output.

There is a fun ride on the excess side of the Nissan Juke namely the wheel. Juke steering is quite light thanks to the electronic power steering. However at high speeds, the steering is rather heavy. Fun conditions that make lighter riders twist at the site stalled. Fulfilled if the Juke is nimble crossover.

Unfortunately Macpherson strut suspension in front and torsionbeam (back) who was not able to pass the tough streets of a little bumpy when we went to the corner. Juke rear body feels a little bit giddy. But apart from that Juke remained stable despite lauched to 150 km / h in wet and dry lanes.

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