Mercedes-Benz Viano

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Mercedes-Benz Viano. This is the new future car from Mercedes-benz “2011 Mercedes-Benz Viano”. With a very big cabin, you can go for holiday with your family. It is an executive MPV car, which make the passenger.
Mercedes-Benz Viano
The Mercedes-Benz Viano 3.5 with its V6 petrol engine is also in a class of its own. The power delivery and smooth running of this six-cylinder engine are unmatched in any other large-capacity vehicle. The latest version of the Viano 3.5 complies with the Euro 5/l emissions standard. This engine also employs an automatic transmission.

Mercedes-benz viano has a good diesel engine, which run smoothly thananother car with diesel engine. It completed with coomon rail injection with piezo injectors and eight injection holes per injector for ultra-fine atomization in fuel.

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