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Matic Car Care Tips

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Matic Car Care Tips, what car reviews, Automatic transmission driving the streets of the capital or city – great city that never separated from street traffic, is more promising than the convenience of manual transmission cars.

But behind the comfort obtained, the automatic gearbox takes care of more than a manual transmission, particularly in dealings with girbox.

Here things – things you should know:

1. Automatic Transmission Fluid

In the automatic gearbox, there is such thing as automatic fluid Transmission Fluid (ATF), its function is not only lubricates. Hydraulic principle in automatic girbox require mediators. Primarily to manage tooth movement and pressed the clutch plate. So if the viscosity of the viscosity falls, the pressure generated will also be reduced.

2. Combustion Process

Since there is no combustion process in the automatic transmission, decrease the viscosity of the fluid is caused due to contamination during use. This can not be avoided, because any friction that occurs in the clutch, would result in the charge / grum.

3. Slip Clutch

Symptoms of damage to the automatic transmission bias in the feel of the slip clutch. The indication there is an imbalance rev the engine with the car’s speed. Machines are roaring at high speed, but the car is running at a rate that is not balanced by the roar of the car.

4. Shift


Switching gears too jerky, not smooth as usual. This bias in check by entering the gears with the position of D or R, then brake off. In healthy conditions, the car in motion. If not there is an issue worthy of suspicion in the automatic transmission.


- Do not insert the lever to position P if the car has not really – really stopped.

- Do not leave the car parked in position D. Sometimes this is done by drivers who are familiar with the manual car. Habits like these mandatory leave, if you do not want your clutch plate is easily damaged. Simply by entering the lever to position P, the car was parked in a safe position.

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