Jaguar XJ Review and Features

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Get ready to feel the powerful ride with the all new Jaguar XJ, the latest launched model by the extremely stylist brand Jaguar which is now loaded with a very strong V GEN III petrol engine 5.0 L tremendously charged AJ 8-cylinder along with high tech technology comprising of four-valve which will provide its owner a peak power of 385 PS at 6,500 rpm along with 515 Nm stir up at 3500 rpm.

Jaguar XJ


The extremely charged 5000cc engine of Jaguar comes with ‘ZF 6 speed transmission’ attached to it. This all-new model from the house of Jaguar, Jaguar XJ can be tagged as a luxury sedan which is filled with sophisticated and advanced technology and exciting features comprising of Active Differential Control, Adaptive Dynamics with continuous damping variable and air suspensions, quick power steering, front parking aid, LED tail lights, windscreen wipers that can sense rain, four zone climate control along with TFT-LCD instrument which is 12.3 inches and many more.


With the AJ V8 GEN III engine fitted with this latest model of Jaguar, XJ along with 5.0 L V8 petrol it guarantees you a maximum power of 385 PS at 6,500 rpm. It also produces a maximum torque of 515 Nm at 3,500 rpm which is no doubt quite impressive. The ‘ZF six-speed automatic transmission’ installed in Jaguar gives great strengths to power train which utilizes every drop of the fuel in your car, not wasting even a single drop. The standard mileage provided by Jaguar XJ is 5.8 kilometer per liter if you are driving in the city and 10.5 kmpl if you are on the highway.

Pick Up and Acceleration:

The super power train offers you maximum performance due to the ‘ZF six speed automatic transmission’ installed in the XJ which also gets the full credit for enhancing the easy handling of this recent model by Jaguar.

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