Fisker Karma

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Fisker Karma. This is the new future car concept. “Fisker Karma”. Fisker karma is the first product fromfisker automotive Inc. this car produced in america . price about this car is $87.900 until $80.400
Fisker Karma
This car is very enviromentally friendly. because Fisker automotive give a best combination, eficience, and low emission. this car be athe first car which has powertrain hibrida pug-in.

with 125 mph for thge high speed and 0-60 mph in 5,8 second.

Drivetrain Layout : Front Engine, RWD
Transmission : Paddle-Shifted Automated Manual
Engine : Turbocharged V6 with 3D Electric Power Assist Motor
Electric Motor : Nissan 3D Electric Motor, 158 bhp
Horsepower : 592 bhp (combined)
Torque : 500 Nm
Body Type : 2 Door, 2 Seat GT Coupe
Length : 4720 mm
Width : 1960 mm
Height : 1310 mm
Wheelbase : 2800 mm
Wheels : 22 inch

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