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Choosing The Right Tire

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Choosing The Right Tire, what car reviews, Tires are an important component for the vehicle. Imagine, if the conditions are a problem, you will not be able to drive it. Often confused consumers view a product specification brochure tires, not to mention the code language (terminology) which are listed therein. Therefore this article provides instructions on how to choose the right tires for comfort, security and many other things.

Or so-called rubber tire black is part of a direct contact with the road surface. Not unless you are the driver Sedan with benderol cheap Nano or even a Ferrari FXX even need to be wise in choosing the right tire.

First, specify the intended use of the tire, of tires for the day-to-day will be different from those commonly used in the arena of competition. Daily use of vehicles, usually prioritizes safety and comfort and can last a long time. After, make decisions, then you can visit stores or tire shop.

Unfortunately, at the booth of consumers faced with the choice of brand and price. And most brands and price list used as a benchmark consumer to buy. Because, typically consumer, see the tires only from brands that are well known although there is also from an economical price without seeing the tire code. Well. to help you, the following terms of code contained in the outer wall of the tire.

Type and size

To determine the types and sizes of tires recommended by the vehicle manufacturer, check the placard at the door or glove compartment, behind the fuel tank cover, or book of the owner’s manual.

Variations tires

As an example take the measure of P195/55/R15 84V. P on the front is the symbol of (Passenger) This means the tire is intended for passenger cars. For example, LT (Lite Truck) refers to tires that are usually used on heavy-truck, ST (Special Trailer) for a car trailer, T (Temporary) for the spare tire. While the R means radial type tires. Generally there are two types of tires on the market, not the type of radial and radial (normal). At first glance there is nothing different, the only difference in construction alone.


Tire size

Note the size of the tire, because if the larger size, width or smaller tires will not be installed correctly. For example, numbers 195/55/R15, 15 shows the size of the circumference of the tire diemeter in units of inches.


width of the tire is one thing to consider for ground traction. The reason is that the tire tread stepping into the street. The higher the number indicates the size of the tire tread width, and conversely small numbers means that the width looks too narrow.

For example: P195/55/R15 84V – 195 number in bold is a measure of the width of the tire with milimiter unit.

Tire tread pattern

design models or patterns to determine the tire tread traction and comfort level car. A good tread are a normal design. To provide comfort in the daily use of cars.

V groove type of aggressive gripping ability with a good asphalt. Tire groove is also able to reduce noise from tire rotation. If you live in rainy climates, types of tires is worth considering. The advantages of this type can provide control of control, especially when roads are wet and as she turned.

Speed Indicator

Such as engine performance tires also have limitations. Note the letters are printed on the tire wall. Although there were, it is intended for the car with racing specifications. But if you drove up to maximum speed, make sure the tires can withstand the heat caused by rotation of the tire is spinning faster.

example: P195/55/R15 84V – V here is the average speed that indicates the maximum speed that can be achieved in this case up to 240 kph.

Q – 160 kph
S – 180 kph
T – 190 kph
U – 200 kph
H – 210 kph
V – 240 kph
W – 270 kph
Y – 300 kph
(Y) – Above 300 kph



Tires with a thin profile like 40 or 50 will look good on your car, but vulnerable when melawati poor road conditions. Because it can lead to rapid deterioration due to the tire rim is thick. A thicker profile tires are common in new cars from the manufacturer believed to be more convenient for daily use. Wheels also can avoid the damage.

Example: P195/55/R15 84V – 55 is the ratio of sidewall height to width of the tire cross-section (55 percent).


Caring for tires is not too difficult and easily done by anyone.

Make sure when filling pressure of the wind, according to the size and direction of the tire manufacturer. If you need to fill with liquid nitrogen, because it claimed to be able to keep the tire pressures more constant temperature. Perform periodic checks tire pressure temperature, and make sure no dirt or debris embedded in the surface of the tire. You’ll avoid the mistake choosing tires, if it is to know ropes. As a car owner, you understand the desire to position your car. With the many kinds of tires on the market, one that is bound to find a proper set of tires for one-time purchases and needs is an effective step in saving budget.

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