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Car care tips

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Car care tips, what car reviews, Although car owners increasingly bloated, not all understand how to properly care for vehicles.

Though there are some basic things that must be taken to ensure that cars can remain untreated.

The tips below will help you on what you can do without having to the trouble to the garage.

* Check the Car Components

Prior to travel far, it’s good we always examine all components of the car. Starting from the ignition system components, ignition systems, electrical systems and magneto ignition.

In combustion systems, components that need to be considered is the tank, pump and fuel filter. Because, from here, the vehicle through which we will begin to move and set up other systems. Do not forget, the carburetor is also noteworthy. Because this component that will govern the system exhaust emissions from the exhaust circuit. Examination of these components, it is important to prevent damage or leakage in the tank.

Likewise with the ignition system, and adjustment should be checked periodically. This is to ensure, platinum and spark plug system is working effectively, causing a fire that connects with other systems. Do not let plugs get dirty and brownish which indicates lack of spark plugs are in normal circumstances, it needs to be done replacement.

Make sure the electrical system components function properly. Note the cables that connect between the one with the other inter-related and there is no peeling or disconnected cable. This is, in order not to cause a short circuit that could cause the vehicle to walk is not optimal and could burn. Especially in times of rain, it would be very dangerous.

Magneto ignition, also need special attention. Because through this tool, ranging from combustion systems, ignition systems and electrical systems will run, when we turn on the vehicle. Do not be, because of the dynamo or the vehicle battery is not functioning, the vehicle becomes a strike on the road.

* Check the car components

Turn on or preheat your vehicle at any time prior to travel. This allows the entire vehicle components running optimally. Warming is done prior to travel, will accelerate the process of combustion and ignition systems on all components.

* How to Clean Car with True and Organized

Wash your vehicle from dust or dirt on the vehicle body.

car care

* Wear the Right Cleanser and Lap

Use a shampoo that is really suitable for your vehicle. Avoid using shampoos that contain excessive chemicals that can damage the paint color of your vehicle and during the rainy season, rain water is left do not jump on the lap. Therefore, rain water contains salt. If you live in the lap, it will cause the paint color of the car will be scratched. Therefore, Dampen a vehicle with a little water, then dry with a clean dryer anyway.

* Exterior and Interior Car Cleaning

Do not leave any dirt on the car body over three days. Therefore, it can lead to mildew, and a car so rusty and clean your car thoroughly.

* Use the spare-parts of the original vehicle
Do not just cheap, but quality is low. This can cause wear on other components.

General Examination In Car

General examination should be performed every 2-3 months, the car has not been used or after a long journey:

# Exterior and Interior: Clean the exterior and interior of the vehicle from dirt. If too long attached, these impurities can harden and lead to body paint (exterior) dull and defective vehicles. In the interior, the dirt is not cleaned will cause odor.

# Tires: Check tire condition and pressure of the wind. Do not forget to normalize back tire pressure (before a long trip usually add a rider to avoid the occurrence of wind pressure hydroplanning).

# Water: Check the water-water in the battery, radiator water, and water from the washer wipper may be easing. Add if the amount below the minimum threshold.

# Oil: Check the oil-oil on the engine, gearbox, axle, power steering, brake, clutch. Check the quality and quantity as he had done when preparing a long journey.

# Machine: Check engine power and the voices that arise in the machine. Is it still normal or not? You need to give more serious attention if the engine power was reduced from the usual and many emerging voices is not normal. When these symptoms appear, you should take your vehicle to the garage.

# Drive-drive: Check the clutch, gearbox, coupling, axle, axles, wheel bearings, including the wheels. Listen carefully whether emerging voices that are not normal when the vehicle moves.

# Lights: Check all the lights on your vehicle from possible break up. The use of light is longer and higher frequencies increase the likelihood of further damage.

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