BYD 2011 Review & Price

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BYD 2011 Review & Price, what car reviews, BYD at the Detroit show the E6, the final version of the 5-seater crossover Electric Announced two years from now. Already presented in previous editions of the American living room, the e6 is now at ITS Standard Version, Which Will debut in the markets but only in 2012. Renovated in aesthetics, especially in the frontal area and in some technical detail needed for approval in the United States, the E6 is powered by 60 Kwh lithium batteries, which allow it to reach a peak of 140 km / h with a range of about 320 km (200 miles) and recharge time of 6 hours.

BYD 2011

Accor ding to the scan information provided by the manufacturer, the American version has a compromise power or 150 kW, compared with 75 Kw of the Chinese version, while the list price Should Be Within the threshold of $ 35,000. BYD, remember, Mercedes HAS Recently Entered in the galaxy thanks to an agreement to work together on electric cars, Which Could Lead to a future Chinese car manufacturer even beyond the borders of the Asian and American markets. General Motors, however, loaded up the Volt with a powerful electric motor; an iPod-like console and a luxury feel that helps to justify a $ 41,000 price tag (before state and federal tax incentives). The F3DM – which report does have an auxiliary audio input jack and a parking sensor – is expected to sell for less Than $ 29,000. Incentives Could drop the price closer to $ 20,000.

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