Alfa Romeo Review 2011

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Alfa Romeo Review 2011, what car reviews, Curvy and compact, it could easily be confused with the Alfa Romeo 4C for a Lotus. The new concept confesses similar virtues: low weight, short wheelbase, small and efficient engine displacement. The result is exciting performance. At least on paper.

Alfa Romeo says the 4C hits 62 mph in less than 5 seconds. With a mid-engine configuration, 60 percent of the weight of the car on the rear wheels, which should contribute to a superior cornering. For this concept, Alfa Romeo has everything he learned from the production of the 8C Competitions and came up with a sports car for an economical era.

Alfa Romeo 2011

Feeding the 4C is a 1.75-liter turbocharged direct injection four cylinder engines, the Alfa Romeo says will produce more than 200 hp. It should, if this same engine reaches 235 hp in the 1750 Alfa Romeo Giulietta TBI. Coupled with a dual clutch automated manual transmission, this powertrain uses all the latest technologies, efficiency and performance. Some of the new features include the introduction of the new metal-flake color (aluminum and mica together) “Metal Bronzo (bronze metal) with a fat shadow and red tones, and two-tone interior achieved with the brand new surface for Insert dashboard and door panels.

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