Alfa Romeo MiTo Turismo Sport

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Alfa Romeo MiTo Turismo Sport. Alfa romeo launch a new edition of city car. This car available in 3 colors, solid black, biancospino white and alfa metallic red. This car has a standard equipment such as: air conditioner, alfa dna technology, cruise control system, blue and me technology, and the steering wheel which wrapped with layers of skin that combines audio and telephone control.
Alfa Romeo MiTo Turismo Sport
While the 95bhp 16V petrol engine provides a fun and engaging drive, the advanced second generation MultiJet turbodiesel engine -JTDM-2 -perfectly complements the Alfa Romeo MiTo Turismo Sport philosophy of low emissions (112g/km of CO2) and fuel consumption (65.7mpg on the combined cycle) without compromising performance and driver satisfaction (0-62mph in 11.6 seconds).

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