Acura RDX – Acura 2013 Price, Review, Specs

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Acura RDX – Acura 2013 Price, Review, Specs, What Car Reviews, Acura RDX : Offers Exactly What You Need From A Car!. If you are looking for a family car that is safe, quiet and very friendly then the Acura RDX is the car for you. When the first generation Acura RDX was released the car was directed for young men who would use the car for fun and adventurous trips. However they soon found out that the car was instead being bought by families. The company therefore did away with its additional features that families did not require and filled the car in with the most needed facilities.

Acura RDX 2012 Specs

Acura RDX 2013

Improved interior:
• The car provides every possible feature to make its interiors classy and comfortable. The reason why families prefer this car is that it is comparatively quiet then most cars.
• The interior is done up in leather along with intelligent memory system to assist the driver. The front seats are heated and the driver just cannot deny that the car has a definite comfort zone that engulfs you.
• The interior has other attractive features like Bluetooth, iPod, and any other USB connection system. The moon roof, powerful stereo system makes the car mush loved. Another feature that any user is bound to love is the key less ignition system, the push of a red button and your car is alive and ready to hit the road.
A safe and great ride:
• Acura RDX offers a safe and much calmer ride to its users. Amazingly not many mind the change and the company have confirmed that their engines were equipped to offer less resistance at low speeds. Not only for families but the car is particularly suitable for female drivers as well. The fact the car is not the ideal one for an adventurous ride, makes hardly a difference to most as many prefer their cars rather safe then fun.
• The Acura RDX also promises fuel efficiency.

Acura RDX Price :

RDX $34,3201
RDX AWD $35,720
RDX with Technology Package $38,020
RDX AWD with Technology Package $39,420

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