2011 Volkswagen Touran Review

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2011 Volkswagen Touran Review, what car reviews, The Volkswagen Touran full set of six new petrol and diesel the way to reduce fuel consumption and emissions that were previously unthinkable in a minivan. Sustainability is the pace in the Volkswagen Touran BlueMotion TDI technology (77 kW / 105 hp), the Touran is a better value for a new seven-seat minivan with a combined fuel consumption of 4.6 l/100 km (equivalent to 121 g / km CO2). Also new on board the Volkswagen Touran is an innovative entry-level petrol engine, the 1.2 liter TSI.

2011 Volkswagen Touran

This is a direct-injection turbo engine with 105 hp. Develop a powerful 175 Newton-meter torque from just above the minimum, but consumes just 6.4 l/100 km of fuel in combined mode (equivalent to 149 g / km CO2). Alternatively, this variant is also available with BlueMotion technology – with the system Start / Stop and regeneration of the battery. In this case, the values of fuel consumption in the combined cycle and CO2 emissions reduced to 5.9 l/100 km and 139 g / km, respectively.

The range of the characteristics of the multi-purpose vehicle – equipped with up to 39 storage options – has also been adjusted. The basic model is the Volkswagen Touran Trendline (formerly Concept Line). The fuel consumption of the standard 1.2-liter TSI is economical. However, standard features of the base model, are anything but efficient and air conditioning, radio / CD player with MP3 function, power windows on all four doors, elegant decorative inserts in “brushed chrome” and daytime running lights.

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