2011 Toyota Prius Review & Price

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When it first appeared in 2009, variants of the most popular hybrid Toyota Prius which has made a lot of people like because it looks prettier. But whether such a performance?

From the outside, as designs, quite a change from previous generations. The most striking difference is the addition of fog lamp, while the head lamp, the design is not like the 2nd generation Prius, head lampnya now use halogen.

The back is also increasingly pointed horizontally thanks to the addition of a spoiler that provides a unique look at the Prius taillight.

Changes also occur in the Toyota logo, this time there are shades of blue as a sign that this car is a hybrid car, a combination of electric motor and gasoline engine.

Moving into the cabin, the atmosphere feels more spacious and more sweet than the second generation Prius. Dashboard undergone many changes and certainly more futuristic. Baggage and passenger seats were bigger than the previous generation.

In the center console cabin car built like a bridge that separates the driver with other parts of the car.

With the transmission lever which is now blue in the middle console. Like the previous Prius transmission, there’s only lever R, N, B and D. To press the parking is located separately in the middle of the dashboard.
On the dashboard was now more buttons to adjust the U.S. and car audio.

While at the wheel now is a new feature that is cruise control on the right. For AC current regulator is on the right side of the steering wheel and control audio and phone to the left of the steering wheel. Rearview mirror control button is located below the steering wheel.

The 3rd generation Prius is the capacity to swell to 1,800 cc engine, having previously only 1,500 cc. Updates occur in such matters of efficiency, such as fuel consumption becomes more efficient.

Immediately, we press the start button to turn on the Prius engine. Still no sound of course.

Gas is pressed, the car can still drive with electric motors up to 50 km per hour. The new car uses the gasoline engine when the car was on top speed of 50 km per hour or when the car battery siphoned out.

Oya, unlike the previous Prius, the Prius the third generation there are also 3 modes of driving. Eco Namely, EV and Power Mode.

Eco means the car is in fuel efficient, the gas can be suppressed even minimal, so do not hope you can drive the Prius with this mode. The response of the gas pedal goes down.

EV mode is a mode driving with a car battery, of course, when the battery runs out, this car will immediately disable this mode. Similarly, when the car is above 50 km an hour, the car directly into normal mode.

Price $ 65100

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