2011 Suzuki SX4 Review & Price

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When you first see the small SUV crossover vehicle car, it is seen there is no change is too significant. Suzuki just did a refresher on the SX4, with HID headlights have become a standard feature.

From the outside, if not observant, it seems nothing has changed. Unless you pay attention to the main lamp, and the front grille faces made for a little more sporty.

In previous SX4 headlamp only has 2 parts, this time for the SX4 SX4 has 3 sections in the headlamp (main light) and using HID lamps.

At the time of the day is not too clear headlamp differences between the SX4 and SX4 latest long this time.

White light from the headlamp SX4 lights were so bright like fire on a stage. Focus and evenly. We had no trouble for the night journey.

Although the highlight is sharp, do not make other motorists glare, because the distance SX4 lights low enough so as not to disturb the view of the rider from the opposite direction.

Inside the cabin, like something is missing in the middle of the dashboard. Yes, Multi Information Display (MID) disappeared, and replaced the audio subwoofer.

But, when glancing at the meter cluster, it turns MID joined the speedometer and other indicators, to be an equivalent of an energetic and dynamic in this SX4 facelift.

As for the SX4 engine is still the same as the old 1.5-liter DOHC VVT engine.

Price : $ 13988

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