2011 Subaru Forester Review & Price

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Subaru has been known for cars that have the DNA of the rally. And the rally DNA was embedded in Subaru Forester. Subaru Forester which has now entered a third-generation Forester is bigger than the second generation.

Exterior conditions also changed. The change is very thick on the engine hood. The concept of third-generation Subaru Forester engine looks up slightly because of the use of turbochargers. Signs cars need more air intake.

Log into the passenger cabin, relieved the condition of the body of the Subaru Forester looked outside. Means commensurate with conditions in the body look Subaru Forester.

Instrument panel on the center console quite simply call it a CD player. But its components are integrated completely through the hands of engineers Subaru.

Shades of luxury thanks to the application of cruise control implicit in the right wheel and an audio controller on the left of the steering that allows motorists to get volume and FM radio channels without disturbing the activity of driving.

Staring upward, width-sized sunroof is integrated to the back seat. Sunroof can be enabled via the control located in the middle mirror.

Intrigued by the performance 2457 cc turbocharged engine with automatic transmission 4 Forester’s manual, the key was twisted to the Top. Engine roar sounded like a diesel engine. But still reasonable for a machine that tersaplikasi turbo technology.

Forester Boxer engine with the configuration, and the driving 4WD Symmetrical All Wheel Drive is more stable when asked to maneuver.
There are 2 options automatic transmission and sport (manual). To our D is very responsive engine performance. Turbo technology plays when stepping on the engine turns at 2000 rpm. Gearshift was smooth from 1 to the upper teeth. There are 4 speed automatic.

If you slide the lever to the right you can raise or lower the gear by moving the lever to position + or -. There are 4 speed, which you definitely can feel more responsive mesil work. And for the suspension, front and rear suspension character capable of reducing uneven and cobblestone streets.

To the front, MacPherson strut Forester uses that have been adapted to the rally field. The condition allows the Forester to walk on rocks and sand tracks. Meanwhile, to use a double wishbone rear suspension.

Subaru Forester Specifications

* horizontally-Opposed, 4-cylinder, 4-stroke, turbocharged, petrol engine
* Bore & Stroke: 99.5mm x 79.0mm
* Displacement: 2.457 cc
* Multi Point Sequential Injection
* Fuel Tank Capacity: 60 Liter


* Max. Output: 169kW (230PS) / 5.200 rpm
* Max. Torque: 320Nm (32.6kgfm) / 2.800 rpm
* Max. Speed: 207km / h
* Acceleration (0-100km / d): 7.9sec


* Overall Length: 4.560 mm
* Overall Width: 1.780 mm
* Overall Height: 1.700 mm
* Wheelbase: 2.615 mm
* Track: 1.530 mm (Front) / 1.530 (Rear)
* Minimum Road Clearance (at Kerb Weight): 225mm
* Kerb Weight: 1.535
Passenger Capacity: 5 people
Price : $ 50700

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