2011 Nissan March Review & Price

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Latest march was now bigger than the old version. The form was unique exterior design is dominated round. So did the inside, we were brought in to test the new experience in the car with a sporty black color combination.

For the lowest version of Nissan’s March feature DIN AM / FM, MP3, and Aux-in. And safety features with the airbag on the steering wheel, ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution) and BA (Braking Assist). What distinguishes the highest and lowest auto version, the automatic version does not lie lowest AC with climate control.

One more feature that should be taken into account the boomerang-style design of the roof lining are designed to minimize the sound of rain. Well, the concept was relatively new for Nissan March small car class.

March driving pleasure with better feel when driven on the freeway. To devour speed of 150 km / h can diraup easily by a small engine March. In 100km/jam speed, rpm needle shows the number 3000 rpm.

It’s a little engine roared. But the fact that normal for a small car engine. Uniquely, the characters are very responsive engine, we were somewhat surprised by the small machines that are similar responsiveness with engine capacity of 1,500 cc.

Nothing feels, mileage information on the MID (Multi Information Display) car Berbandrol USD 148.8 million that is now reaching a distance of 147 km.

When fuel refilling tanks need fuel Pertamax March of 16.133 liters for a full (42-liter tank). Means with all conditions of road traffic, up to high speed, bumpy and hot sun for fuel consumption March 1:9,5 km. Nissan March worth having. Especially with a funny look to the Japanese car combines sporty, March priced at a relatively affordable.

Price : – 2 WD : US$ 16,700 – 4WD : 18,700

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