2011 Mitsubishi Strada Triton HD-X Spec Review Price

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Strada Triton HD-X is made in mitsubishi car designed to conquer obstacles medan.Untuk prove very complete. Plus it makes the soil exposed to rain draining red ready HD-X 4M40 engine capacity of 2.8 liter SOHC engine has a power 97PS diesel with torque 22kgm

Track conditions are not shaped and deserve to be called the track “Hell” because of the difficult shot more than 10 km per hour was so slippery. Plus obstacles such as puddles of water, roads derivatives with the angle of 48 degrees, sharp turns uphill and the path with a depth of 30 centimeters long enough to test the power of the engine, the legs (suspension), and comfort.

Changes to the suspension by means of five leaves per combined double action makes more tender pickup dings and the rear does not move wild. On the contour of uneven road four wheel having traction remains the same because it is equipped with M-Locker.

No wonder, when crashing three-fourths as deep mud tires, HD-X drove with ease and does not sound tough new conflict. This is because the high ground clearance thanks to the use of tire size of 245/75 from the previous 205. Even if there was no minor collision, do not worry’d stuck by the axle or other components. For the design of the bottom of the HD-X flat.

So also when out of the mud, while rising to the surface of the ground, underneath the bumper and there was no affected. Plus a curved design helps the car deck out with ease. Proven under the front bumper does not tackle the ground while passing through derivative 48 degrees.

Start the engine power was tested after street derivatives. We must turn with sharp corners and uphill. Without stepping on the gas pedal too much, HD-X can creep well. Maybe this is after there is change in torque of 20.2 kgm to 22 kgm making power under a bit grumpy.

Kala try out the track 2, track conditions slightly below 1. There remains the mud, the Superbowl and several broken and the road curves uphill 20 degrees. Permanent road surface slippery but not slippery as the first.

Price : $ 28900

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