2011 Mercedes-Benz ML350 Spec Price Review

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Some luxury 4×4 SUV might as things redundant. Cook the luxury SUV was taken off-road to the damaged roads that could contaminate the car. Maybe so their minds.

But after all the German manufacturer Mercedes-Benz ignore it, through the Mercedes-Benz ML350, Mercedes offers a choice, unsparing 2 variants at the same time, the Grand Edition (variant with the most expensive prices) and Sport, which was launched some time ago.


In terms of looks, first saw it, the car is very solid Mercy, tall and large, the other car also was cute when compared with this SUV. Impression of sporty looks on the big grille and lower bumper chrome plated. 19 inch alloy rim also adds a robust Mercedes ML350.

From the back even more muscular appearance ML350 with dual mufflers are also additional chrome. While the above, there is roofrail which adds a sporty flavor.

Outside the sporty feel like upside down with cabin ambience. Initially we did not expected it, but after entering into it, really feels luxurious feel of wood with some additional material on the interior.

While high-quality leather-clad seat ready to accompany you. The roof also can you slide electrically so that it can enjoy the blue sky.

Besides luxury, the impression that emerges is an atmosphere of relief. Trunk also included a super large.

Immediately, 3500 cc V6 engine ignited. You will not find a stick transmission in the middle of the cabin. This stick shift to the right of the steering wheel. Unique enough to remind us of old car output.

But modern functions, to gear R, move to the top, while D move downward. While the P position, you must push the lever to the inside (towards the steering wheel).

Despite including a large car, acceleration is instantaneous, we note for accelerating from 0-100 km/hour the car is only need 8 seconds.

Unfortunately we do not have time to test topspeednya, but Mercedes claims this car can go up to 225 km/hour. Cruise control can be activated by pressing the lever to the left of the steering wheel.

Suspension is also quite soft for an SUV. Potholes on the road even though the car remains comfortable vehicles driven in high speed. Mercy seems to want to retain the image of the sedan in an SUV.

In urban traffic, because it has a large capacity engine, the car was quite voracious of fuel, the score 1:5. But if you bring the car in a constant speed on the highway, you can get consumption figures 1:10.

In short, this car is powerful, luxurious, comfortable, spacious, and wasteful. But the extravagant fuel course not a problem for those who dare to play offroad with billions of cars is not it?

Engine Specifications

* V6 Cylinder
* Displacement 3498 cc
* Power 272 hp at 6,000 rpm
* Torque 350 Nm at 2400-5000 rpm
* Compression 10,7:1
* Permanent 4wheeldrive
* 7G-Tronic Transmission


* 0-100 km / h 8 seconds
* Maximum speed (claims of Mercy) 225 km/hour
* Fuel consumption in cities: 1:5
* Fuel consumption is out of town 1:10


* The length of 4.781 meters
* Wheelbace 2.915 meters
* The width of 2.124 meters
* Height 1.815 meters
* Wheels 275/55 R 19

Price : $ 120000

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