2011 Mazda 2 Reviews And Price

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It seems like every car in the world has an interior key / button to open the door, close the window automatically opens / closes. In the Mazda2, this button on the center stack, in front cupholders and to the right parking brake. It’s an odd place for it, and even after months of pushing ’2.

Another thing I’ve seen over the road noise at speeds above 60 mph. It’s not hard, but it’s far from quiet, and long trips the hum becomes annoying. On the other hand, the Touring trim seats firm and supportive, and suppressing her tiny holes and bumps.

Mazda 2 is highly regrettable to lose the spirit of how quickly the machine on tilt. This is almost instantaneous. On flat land, shifted to the first is still jerky, and I hope there are sixth gear. But I love the overall agility, and have been caught thanks to the parking lot with a radius of 16 feet, 1-inch rotating.

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