2011 Lotus Elise Facelift Review

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2011 Lotus Elise Facelift Review, what car reviews, Despite the relative rarity soften the perception that age, the small rocket is still due for a face lift. Lotus is not completely revamp the car for 2011, but a mild update to the maps for the world’s smallest provider huge thrill. The biggest change is a fact that we will not see in the U.S., the addition of a 1.6-liter four-cylinder to the lineup at the power base cars. The 134-horsepower four will stay in Europe, while we on this side of the ocean, our choice of naturally aspirated or supercharged 1.8-liter fours making 189 horsepower and 218 respectively retained.

Lotus 2011 Elise Facelift

The hallways are also removed from the air intakes positioned on the hips and rear panel, which now runs continuously throughout the body. Two new wheels are available, one of which weighs only 65 pounds per set of four. The biggest news for the daily users of the Elise (Hi, Caswell!) Is that the tribe can now be accessed from the car, rather than relying solely on the keychain to be unlocked. All changes to the minutes to add a four-percent reduction in the Elise’s drag coefficient and, more importantly, an excessive maturation of his form. Most of us regret this change, although some might suggest that the Elise is now appealing to a wider audience.

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