2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Reviews And Price

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What started out as road narrows immediately politely distant Ideal sized off-road vehicles are supposed to be short, fat, and not too wide -. The final characteristic is very useful when you realize that the passenger-side wheels are pretty close to a dropoff. Grand Cherokee about 3 inches wider than the Wrangler, but it felt okay even as the field deteriorated.

The trail starts on dirt and small stones but quickly deteriorated, with large stones and a large depression becomes more common. Driving slower than 10 mph have benefits, which allows me to carefully maneuver around sharp-looking object on the road. Jeep we do not have the most ideal tire for off-road activity, but the factory Michelins and the suspension seemed to cope with varying steepness and turn the handle thrown at it just fine.

Although the addition of 1400 miles and travel off-road, the fuel is not budging an inch from 17.7 mpg last month and thanks to the retreat in gas prices, the cost of a full tank of unleaded 87 for the Grand Cherokee fell to a dollar or two north of $ 80.

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