2011 Jaguar XKR Review

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2011 Jaguar XKR Review, what car reviews, The second-generation XK was new design features for Jaguar when it debuted in model year 2007, more angular than the original but still unmistakably Jaguar. Much of that look up at the XF and the new XJ. It is the right elegant, and announces performance with classic British understatement. A little more chrome, a new front bumper, LED taillights, and a revised spoiler highlight of the 2011 XKR’s styling refresh. Jaguars are nice cars, but in recent years they seemed to have fallen from the radar. Cars like the Ford Mondeo-based X-type Jaguar is somewhat dull their image because it seems they are more concerned about profits, putting out a good product.

2011 Jaguar XKR

Now ready to roll in 2011 and fortunately Jaguar seems to be back on track with cars like the Jaguar XKR 175. I am a huge fan of GT cars as they are, to me anyway, the perfect car for my driving style. They are rear wheel drive, front engine and generally have oodles of power which they use to swallow miles. Matt Farah of smoking Tire has just gotten his hands on the new Jaguar XKR 2011 175, and according to him, this thing is epic. The great thing about Matt is that he is a pull no punches, honest reviewer – something rarely seen these days, plus he cracks me up.

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