2011 Honda FCX Clarity Price, Review & Picture

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2011 Honda FCX Clarity Price, Review & PictureNew Car Reviews, A low volume, technological tour de force like the Clarity isn’t subject to the same update cycle as the Civic or Accord and heads into 2011 with no changes. The aim of the electric car is to give consumers a vehicle with a decent driving range and reduced emissions. The FXC Clarity meets such an aim; it is a vehicle that delivers 73 miles per gallon, it emits water vapors only, and it can cover 270 miles. The FCX Clarity by Honda may have some limitations, but the vehicle is serious evidence that fuel cell technology can indeed prove beneficial.

The FCX Clarity hosts a powertrain consisting of a battery, a fuel cell, an electric motor, and a storage tank for hydrogen. The fuel cell creates electricity from the reaction between oxygen and hydrogen. This electricity powers the motor and the wheels. The battery stores excess power from recovery systems as the regenerative brakes and the fuel cell.

The Clarity sounds like a dream vehicle, but at this point, it’s only offered in the state of California for a three-year lease at $600.00 a month. It must be serviced at the headquarter Honda facility in Torrance and it has to be fueled at stations selling hydrogen in the area.

Easily the most beautiful vehicle in Honda’s lineup, Clarity has a slick, swooping Kamm-back profile and special wheels to maximize aerodynamic efficiency. The aluminum intensive body comes in only one color, the deep garnet shown. Clarity’s cabin is as spacious as it is spacey, with high-tech controls and gauges. There is ample room for four adults on seats covered with specially designed plant based bio fabric — an industry first.

Driving dynamics rival everyday hybrids like Prius. Sophisticated suspension design and light curb weight provide for solid handling behavior. Acceleration isn’t impressive, but it is eerily quiet — as there are no gases combusting or gears shifting. Top speed is a believable 100 mph. Fuel economy numbers and 270 mile range are all the more impressive considering Clarity’s zero emissions vehicle status. No special safety equipment comes with Clarity. Front and front side airbags are standard as well as stability control, side curtain airbags, all braking aids (ABS, EBD, and BA) and collision mitigation braking system (CMBS).

Bodystyle: Sedan
Engines: 100 kW/134-hp AC electric motor
Transmissions: 1-speed automatic
Models: FCX Clarity

Price : Not Available

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