2011 Dodge Durango Review & Price

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2011 Dodge Durango Review & Price, The 2011 model deserves a lot of that back with a conservative setting has not bluff-faced look that is dominated by an enormous crosshair grille and clear eyes stare from the twin element headlamps. The profile shows a standard two-box shape, with tinted B-pillars give visual lightness. If we have an aesthetic nit to pick, it’s on the back; a shadow seems to be derived for our tastes. With horizontally oriented tai llamps are covered by a thick chrome garnish, the design borrows quite heavily from the Grand Cherokee, Durango snug but because the closer to the ground, the rear ends rather strangely mini vannish.

2011 Dodge Durango

All-in, though, it’s a beautiful piece that is unlikely to deter SUV traditionalists. A modest spec’s Durango Express, happy optioned with all-wheel drive. Chrysler has a rather artificial and perplexing trim scheme with the new Durango, and “Express” Pentastar-ese for “basic model”. No matter, with as-tested price of just $ 32,340, even a cursory glance at our tester included unveils spec’s real value. Of course, if you’ve got a bit more dosh in your pocket, the other trim levels available in ascending wallet damage Heat, Crew, R / T, CrewLux and Citadel’s flagship, which offers more bells and whistles than a slot machine works.

Price for 2011 Dodge Durango is Durango R/T starts at $35,465 plus destination, while Durango Heat starts at $30,500 plus destination. Durango Heat adds five horsepower to the regular Durango V6.

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