2011 Dacia Duster Price, Picture, Review

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2011 Dacia Duster Price, Picture, Review, Dacia Duster is because the Euro-5 compliance, there is no pollution of the vehicle. Dacia Duster in the 2010 4 × 4 is equipped with Bosch 8.1 ABS and electronic brake force distribution and emergency brake assist EBV. 2010 Dacia Duster measures 4.31 meters and 1.82 meters wide and has a ground clearance 200mm with 30 degree approach angle and departure angle greater than 35 degrees.

Starting in June, Dacia Duster will go on sale in the Middle East, Ukraine and parts of Africa as a Renault. Lap will spread to other parts of the world in 2011.

Up to five adults comfortably fit in the Dacia Duster. Available space for both front and rear passengers the same as what you see in the sedan Dacia. Renault has made sure that all safety features include a car to drive safely. Dacia Duster has a 8.1 ABS, electronic brake force distribution EBV or the strengths and Emergency Brake Assist to ensure passenger safety.

For that much almost everywhere, but to see England, I reasoned they both should be as cheap as chips and better. Now, after the last push Dacia Duster, I can confirm, would dusters reasonably priced and well made to the opposition to brush.

2011 Dacia Duster Pictures

2011 Dacia Duster

2011 Dacia Duster Picture

2011 Dacia Duster Pictures

2011 Dacia Duster Prices

Starts at 11,900 Euros for the two-wheel drive version and for the 4×4 version, the Dacia Duster price goes up to 13,900 Euros

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