2011 Chevrolet Captiva Reviews And Price

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The first DNA derived from the Chevy SUV Chevrolet Suburban that was released in 1936. Now 75 years on, the DNA was rushing the Chevy Captiva was launched.

I get the chance to try the manual transmission variant with 2400 cc petrol engine.

When viewed from the dimensions of Captiva increased length of about 30 mm from its predecessor. Captiva now has a length of 4673 mm, width 1849 mm and 1720 mm high with a wheelbase of about 2707 mm.

On the exterior there are 9 changes, especially the front changed quite drastically.

That is the grille, the Chevrolet logo, fog lamp, head lamp, front fenders, new lower front facia. While in the back too much change is not happening. Chevy only change the mudguard, skid plates and additional chrome plated rear parking assist.

While the interior is quite a lot of changes from the design of the speedometer with ice-blue color illumination, dual-cockpit design, higher arm rest, center console, adding features such as electronic and handbrake bluetooth features are more connected.

Immediately, the ignition is turned on, unique, let the engine live, the coupling must be stamped in advance to be safe.

The engine sounds more refined, the cabin was quiet when the Captiva is driving.

Unfortunately my left elbow slightly obstructed arm rest positioned high enough when moving the gear lever. Especially when shifting into gear position which is under such tooth 2.4.

Move to another feature, a unique new Captiva is the electronic handbrake. Features the first in its class.

So now you no longer need to manually pull the hand brake. Simply dab a little button just below the gear lever, the brake will be active and the indicator P will appear on the meter cluster.

My daily with regular manual handbrake slightly awkward when first using it, especially when located on a hill, the car sometimes backward.

But after a while then I can comfortably use the features of an electronic parking brake. Yummy, even if you remove rusted brake, this brake will lift (auto release) automatically. So no need to worry.

Unfortunately unlike the automatic transmission variant, no ECO features that make efficient gasoline engine in the Captiva manual.

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