2011 Car Audi Q3 Review, Specs And Prices

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2011 Car Audi Q3 Review, Specs And Prices, What car reviews, This is the latest technology news information about the Audi Q3 2011. Audi Q3 was released in July 2011. Audi issued in July 2011 with the cheapest price 29 900 Euros or approximately USD 373 million in Europe.

Audi Q3 is a luxury SUV with a compact body. Even though it is an SUV but its Inspired Body of the car a coupe  and have an identity sporty.

The 2011 Audi Q3 Will have a rakish coupe-like profile instead of a wagon shape like Tiguan and the Q5. Think steroidal A3 hatchback on stilts. We’d look for a standard 17 – or 18-inch alloy wheels, with 19s and 20s Perhaps available.


Other hardware chassis Will be adapted from the latest A4. That means the front and multilink rear suspension, large four-wheel disc brakes with ABS, Audi’s ESP antiskid / traction-control system, and electric power steering. Among the expected functional options are an adaptive suspension with auto-adjusting electromagnetic shock absorbers, a feature shared with the Audi R8′s hot and pricey sports car.


Another expected extra is a new version of Audi’s Drive Select system. As in other models it That offer, this allows Tailoring powertrain, brake, suspension, and steering response for normal and sporty driving. But the Q3 setup reportedly adds an “efficiency” That mode maximizes fuel economy by keeping the transmission in top gear virtually full-time and by limiting the throttle response Pls going up STEEP grades, even though it means losing some, momentum. How much this Might Improve mpg Remains to be seen, but it’s the kind of electronic fuel-saver that’s fast spreading throughout the industry to help lower fuel consumption and carbon emissions nasty with it.

Audi Q3

Car Interior


Audi Q3 interior offered a very broad and ergonomics. Just as for the exterior, car users have many opportunities to express their own style while inside a vehicle.


Besides Audi also offers a wide selection of materials and colors in accordance with joy riders. Audi Q3 trunk sections have capacities up to 1365 liters or 16.24 to 48.2 cubic feet, making it the ideal vehicle for sport and recreation with family.


The rider can choose to supplement the standard specification with many options right from the luxury class. As the addition of adaptive light technology for xenon headlamps, which can illuminate the way up around the corners of the vehicle. And the addition of warning the driver to park the vehicle, not just the back side but for any rider will get a warning.


Audi Q3 infotainment offers a charming, like a hard drive navigation system, Bose surround sound system, with the lights on the front woofers. Besides Audi Q3 to provide a telephone system using Bluetooth, and WLAN hotspot to provide full Internet connectivity Q3.


Exterior Car


Systematic lightweight design with a weight of 1,500 kilograms. Hood and taillights house, made of aluminum.

This car has a low drag coefficient of 0.32 which can improve fuel efficiency.

Q3 The chassis also features a four-link rear suspension, electromechanical power steering, powerful brakes and wheels. allowing the vehicle is capable of running anything conditioned.



Car Engine


Audi Q3 also offers 3 different machines, each of 4 cylinders. One engine and  2 TDI engines TFSI. All three will combine with turbocharged direct injection.

These machines provide power ranging up to 211 hp 140 hp. Version 2.0 TDI Audi Q3 is able to provide fuel efficiency figures 5.2 liters per 100 kilometers.

Audi Q3 engine petrol and diesel respectively will be paired with all-wheel drive and quattro permanent seven-speed S tronic.

Motorists can also use the four modes in accordance with the wishes of the Audi drive. Include engine management and an optional adaptive dampers.

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