2011 BMW X6 Price, Review & Picture

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2011 BMW X6 Price, Review & PictureNew Car Reviews, For 2011 the BMW X6 gets the redesigned turbo I-6 with BMW’s Valvetronic technology, which delivers faster throttle response, even faster turbo boost spooling, and better fuel efficiency. BMW’s new eight speed transmission with is available in both X6 models as well as BMW’s Brake Energy Regeneration system, which over time can save on fuel consumption.

Both the BMW X3 and X5 are called sports activity vehicles. Meanwhile, the X6 is a vehicle identified by the carmaker as a sports activity coupe. The latter identification couldn’t be more correct since the X6 handles like a coupe and it gives the consumer a cabin that’s somewhat tight and compromised. No matter what you call the X6, this SUV has severely restricted space in its interior.

The X6 has enough space for four people and one cargo space is equally restricted. With restricted space inside its cabin, car buyers may wonder whom BMW was trying to create the X6 for and what consumer is best suited for the vehicle.

Regardless of its tight interior, the X6 has an athletic exterior. This vehicle has the style and the ground clearance of a ute, but a close examination will have the driver realizing the monster meats use for this vehicles rolling stock. If you want superior road grippage and outstanding performance on the road, you will be surprised and impressed by the 5000 pound X6 and its smooth on-the-road capabilities.

Quite a departure from other BMW vehicles, the exterior styling is both loved and hated, depending on who you talk to. There is definitely no mistaking the X6 because it doesn’t look like anything else on the road. The interior of the X6 is exactly what we have come to expect from BMW, leather everywhere, quality metal or wood trim pieces. The BMW X6 is the only X model to feature a sports steering wheel with gearshift paddles.

You have a variety of engine options for the BMW X6; from the 300 horsepower, 3.0-liter I-6, to the awesome 555-horsepower, twin-turbo 4.4-liter V-8 found in the X6M. It doesn’t matter which you choose, all will put a smile on your face. The X6 features four-wheel anti-lock brakes (ABS), side seat mounted airbags, curtain first and second row overhead airbags, airbag occupancy sensor, traction control, stability control and an all-wheel drive all come standard on the BMW X6.

Bodystyles: Crossover SUV
Engines: 3.0L turbocharged I-6, 4.4L turbocharged V-8
Transmissions: 8-speed automatic, 6-speed automatic
Models: 35i, 50i, M

EPA Fuel Economy
35i: 15 mpg city/21 mpg highway
50i: 13 mpg city/18 mpg highway
M: 12 mpg city/1 7mpg highway

Price : $57,000 – $89,200

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