2011 BMW X3 xDrive20d Review & Price

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Version X3 xDrive 20d diesel or the Business is not as complete xDrive35i and xDrive20d Executive: no glass roof and roof rails and. From behind the difference, a single exhaust tip, while gasoline two. Features also lose complete infotainment!

The sound engine is a little harder than with gasoline. So is the resonance. The difference is very noticeable when heard next to the engine room. However, when positioned in the interior and the door closed, the difference is small. Only vibrations that still can be felt clearly.

With common rail technology and piezoelectric injector, a 2.0-liter diesel engine capability is great. Easy start! Indeed, energy is not as strong as xDrive35i, but for diesel engines with 2.0 liter capacity, his ability was very okay (184PS)! In fact, not “fair” to compare with xDrive35i engine, 3.0 liter and turbo double. XDrive20d engine equipped only with a turbocharger!

Characteristics that are not less interesting than this diesel-engined BMW SUV, while behind the wheel and the car is started, the driver feels more unified (familiar) with the vehicle. Could be because the torque of the engine (diesel) was obtained at low rpm, ie 1750-2750 rpm, so the attraction you feel satisfied but not fierce. If the fierce energy, such as gasoline engine, the driver controls the vehicle concentration is higher.

As a result, when run at low speed or slow, very steady. Vehicle more easily controlled with ease! Hence, when stuck in a traffic jam, X3 diesel is more fun.

When boosted at high speeds on the highway, the diesel engine was demonstrated toughness X3. Able to be invited to race with a similar vehicle that uses a gasoline engine with a capacity slightly larger!

Diesel version is also equipped with a Start-Stop. While this system works – the engine off – the driver can feel it immediately. When the engine stop, there was considerable vibration compared with xDrive35i engine. Car body shook. Other indicators, steering wheel reacting, not working, weight driven. When the machine back to life, vibration also appears again!

Fuel Consumption
On the highway, accelerated at 150 km / hour, fuel consumption is 19.4 km / hr. But so is the traffic in the city fell to 17.4 km / liter. BMW claims an average of 17.9 km / liter. This proves, the BMW X3 is suitable as an operational vehicle or high mobility, especially for the jammed streets.

Price : £31135

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