2010 RDSport RS46 BMW M3

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2010 RDSport RS46 BMW M3. New BMW, it called by The RDSport RS46. It is will show another new style from you new engine internals include larger, forged, light-weight, aluminum pistons, forged, billet connecting rods and new billet crankshaft with a longer stroke. It also include want to complete such us race, tubular headers with F1-style merge collectors, metal-matrix, sport, catalytic converters, X-Flow downpipe and sport silencers all built from stainless steel.
2010 RDSport RS46 BMW M3
This vehicle will give us 30 mm drop in the front and 25 mm lower in the rear. In fact, it offers the RC8 Forged Monobloc wheel that offers the ultimate in light weight performance.

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