2010 Onyx Concept BMW M3 E92/E93

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2010 Onyx Concept BMW M3 E92/E93. The Onyx Concept has turned attention away from the SUV market to concentrate on the BMW M3 E92/E93. It  exterior consists of the following front and rear bumper, side skirts, front carbon fibre lip, rear carbon fibre difusser, carbon fibre bonnet, carbon fibre boot lid and carbon fibre roof tip spoiler.
2010 Onyx Concept BMW M3 E92 E93
The power has also been increased to a breathtaking 630HP from the standard 420HP.It  interior has an onyx designed by buffalo hide leather package which it will be choose different color combinations and to compliment this has a 12pc carbon fibre paneling kit which has a range of colored carbon weaves from black to orange to blue.

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