2010 MTM Audi RS6 Clubsport

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2010 MTM Audi RS6 Clubsport. The MTM Audi RS6 Clubsport is motorized by 5.0 TFSI V10 Biturbo with 6-speed triptonic with DSP.  MTM Audi RS6 Clubsport improves more than 730 HP, around 860 Nm of torque and rushes from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.6 seconds and 200 km/h will be reached just after 11 seconds.
2010 MTM Audi RS6 Clubsport
MTM stainless steel exhaust system – catalyst and rear silencer and modified high-rev gearing have been integral. MTM Audi RS6 Clubsport acquires a MTM height modifiable suspension kit that lets a 10 to 45 mm lowering. The BIMOTO rims in 20” or 21” are recommended with Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 Tires in the size 305/30 ZR 21. The standard Carbon-Ceramic brakes are left on the car. Whoever wants to convert his RS6 into Clubsport is highly recommended for the MTM high power brake system with 405 x 36 mm disks and Brembo’s monobloc callipers with 6 pistons. MTM offers a improved front axle geometry which assures a much better performance in curves.
Audi AG  is a German producer of a range of automobiles, from supermini tocrossover SUVs in numerous body styles and price varieties that are promoted under the Audibrand. The company is headquartered in Ingolstadt, Germany, and has been a exclusively owned (99.55%) subsidiary of Volkswagen AG since 1964.

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