2010 MFK Autosport Audi RS6

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2010 MFK Autosport Audi RS6. We are all well aware of the benefits of innovationg a used vehicle, for starters they are cheaper than buying a new car to start fiddling around with and even better, the older the vehicle the less likely that there are any warranties to void by swapping in a few high performance parts either. One such example is the first generation Audi RS6. The MFK Autosport Audi RS6 is launched to the market with improved power and improved optical appearance. There are big vents on the left and right side in the front and the car get enough air for the improved gearing,  following a software change through MFK there are 520 hp at the RS6 command. To give the TT-RS the final touch for the race track power has been increased significantly to a stunning 460bhp and more than 472 lb/ft of torque. 0-60 will be passed in about 3.8s and top speed increases to 194mph. Therefore AVUS PERFORMANCE modifies the turbo, ECU software and the exhaust system from turbo back with racing cats.
2010 MFK Autosport Audi RS6
The MFK Autosport Audi RS6 is released with an aluminium rims from Schmidt Revolution are called CC-Line “Satin Black”. The 3-part rims are size 10,5×20? and have been completed with very big tires from Dunlop size 285/25-20. The MFK Audi RS6 also introduced with a high refined and exciting solid RADINOX outer ring made of stainless steel. In addition MFK provieds a delicate sport exhaust system with 100 cells cat and Y-branch pipe for 5.999,00 Euro.

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