2010 Cargraphic Audi RS6

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2010 Cargraphic Audi RS6. Audi announced that it will end production of the RS6 sports car. Following this announcement, Cargraphic gave Audi RS6 a boost by using either the Avant or Limo versions of the V10 in the model. Cargraphic have released the details and images of their Audi RS6 upgrade program that gives the German car updated design and mode horses. The Cargraphic Audi RS6 is supported by the car’s standard V10 engine that has been improved to output 489 kW / 665 hp from 426 kW / 580 PS. This is almost 15%.
2010 Cargraphic Audi RS6
Customers may also add the three-part Cargraphic GT-R 21-inch rims and their special particular exhaust system. The model has such a great rumble that it fails to meet German noise rules. To purchase one, it will have to be exported. The 10.5×21″ wheels display both character and quality. The Cargraphic Audi RS6 sits on new 10.5 x 21 inch wheels and 285/30R21 tires and is fitted with a stainless steel exhaust silencer and sports catalysts. The 80 mm tailpipes of the Cargraphic Audi RS6 can optionally be ordered. A Cargraphic factory in south west England makes the exhaust systems that includes mufflers and catalytic converters.

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