2010 BMW Z4 GT3

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2010 BMW Z4 GT3. In early March the BMW Motorsport had officially launched the BMW Z4 GT3, and then it had completed its first test drives at the same time. The different concept with its elongated bonnet, flared wheel arches, long wheel base and narrow projections, the two-seater car had provided BMW engineers with a good basis for developing a close-to-production GT3 racing car.
2010 BMW Z4 GT3
It looks same with compatible BMW customer racing range; it had efficiency cost then it was also the emphasis in the GT3 development. The BMW Z4 GT3 is available as a racing car and priced at 298,000 Euros (including VAT). That it is largest difference between production and racing car, however, lies under the bonnet. The production version of the BMW Z4 is driven by a six-cylinder engine, while the GT3 is powered by a 4.0-liter eight-cylinder engine, which produces over 480 bhp.

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