2010 BMW M3 GTS

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2010 BMW M3 GTS. If you get interested with this car, it will launch in spring 2010. From the launch it was based on the Coupe version. Bring with eight-cylinder power unit of enlarged in size to 4.4 liters and boosted in output to some 450 hp. It is also available as an option on the regular production model, BMW M3 GTS by the M double-clutch gearbox. The shifting gears without the slightest interruption of engine power.
2010 BMW M3 GTS
For finish over the side that the BMW kidney grille and the gills come in special dark eloxy-plated chrome on the BMW M3 GTS. For door and side panels at the rear also come in alcantara, and then a special features inside the car fire extinguisher and preparation for an emergency that both in motorsport round off the wide range.

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