2010 BMW Concept Gran Coupe

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2010 BMW Concept Gran Coupe. The new concept from BMW by bring with tradition in this segment, where it view likes the long wheelbase, the vaulted bonnet with forward-pointing lines, the set-back greenhouse, the flat silhouette, the coupe-style roof line and the short front overhang reflect the dynamic potential of the vehicle.
2010 BMW Concept Gran Coupe
It is able with 4-door vehicle which combines the exclusivity of a Gran Turismo with the fascination of a high-performance sports car. This is reflects the particular quality of the BMW Group design philosophy, for other wise, which consists in precisely and authentically translating the specific values of product substance into an aesthetically convincing shaping style. It shows how BMW to comprise the premium aspiration of a BMW Group product and bring it brand for defined character.

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