2010 Audi A1 Worthersee Tour

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2010 Audi A1 Worthersee Tour. Audi have settled seven different models for the entrance at the Wörthersee. The Audi A1 1.4 TFSI displays the design options offered by add-on parts. The A1 “competition kit” with the “legends interior plus” package is strongly built on the Audi rally cars from the 1980s. The center console, the door handles, the rearview mirror – the rally design with the bold Number 1 covers thematically throughout the entire cabin. The “competition kit legends interior” and “competition kit legends interior plus” accessory packages are exactly so matched to the exterior.
2010 Audi A1 Worthersee Tour
The “Follow Me” design in Citrus Yellow with a black checkerboard design look like airfield ground control vehicles and features complex color gradients that outspread to the bicolor wheels. The “Hot Rod” model boasts a matt-finish look and very low ride height.

The design team has also given a responsive wink to the local water rescue service and “toll sticker collectors,” The seventh singular model in an unusual eggplant purple tone is labeled by the Audi designers as the “Fashion” edition.

Two production models of the Audi A1 are also at the Wörthersee. The A1 1.4 TFSI in Misano Red with a dark gray contrast arch is joined at the Audi stand by the A1 1.6 TDI in summery Scuba Blue.

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