2010 AC Schnitzer BMW X6 M

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2010 AC Schnitzer BMW X6 M. AC Schnitzer comes within the power of the BMW X6 M. it also opt for the carbon fibre AC Schnitzer engine styling. Even without a performance upgrade, it also offering a great one vehicle product from BMW. In the other information that For the X6 M – 1.98 metres wide as standard – AC Schnitzer has adapted the FALCON wheel arch extensions so that the BMW body gains an extra 40 mm width each side.
2010 AC Schnitzer BMW X6 M
This explains the specifications of the vehicle, it can be filled with 20?, 22? or imposing 23? AC Schnitzer wheels in Type IV BiColor, Type VII silver, black or BiColor, or the AC Schnitzer forged alloys Type V or forged racing rims Type VIII BiColor. In combination with the 275, 315, 295 or 335 tyres, that you can choose for you buy one.

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