2009 Sportec Audi RS700

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2009 Sportec Audi RS700. The Sportec RS700 will offers from now on a complete refining program for The Audi RS6. Main point it consists from increased their performance from about 5.0 liter V 10 Biturbo aggregate. For this special specification Swiss curs by original catalyst by high performance catalyst with higher flow rates.
2009 Sportec Audi RS700
The originally from an option installed recycle system that can be substituted by a Sportec high performance system with four tail pipes and sportive sound. Finally the new components in this vehicle are tuned in Sportec four wheel test rig. For combination with new program from control unit with RS6 engine up to maximum output more than 700 HP. The torque increased up to full 800 NM. Totally Four wheel limousine sprints to tempo 100 in 4.0 seconds, 200 km/h up to after 12.0 seconds and then it reached the maximum speed of more than 310 km/h.

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