2009 AVUS Audi Q7

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2009 AVUS Audi Q7. The Audi Q7 which is equipped with 4.2L TDI engine  is already revealed by AVUS PERFORMANCE. The new feature that can be found in this Audi Q7 is the new level in combination with the electronic lowering module. Base on latest test, it can reach up to 90mm of lowering. The key point in this system is the air suspension. Through continues research, the manufacturer finally install this feature in Audi Q7. To improve the appearance of this car, the  silver color 23” wheel  and   titanium combined with the custom made wheel spacer can be a good choice.
2009 AVUS Audi Q7
A new software is also applied  in ECU system. The purpose of this installment is to improve the performance of 4.2L TDI engine type, especially to improve the speed and power. Base on latest testing, this new software application is giving a very satisfying result. The engine can reach 365 bhp from previously 326 bhp. Also in torque, the result also boost up from 760NM to 880NM. A significant impact. With all these changes, the Audi A7 can accelerate very good. It only need 6.0s to reach 62 mph in speed with 23”inch wheels. The top speed also increase and reach 245km/h.

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