2009 Audi A6 & Audi A6 Avant

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2009 Audi A6 & Audi A6 Avant. It present in two other models with the Versatile Audi A6 allroad Quatro and dynamic Audi S6. It allroad Quatro can be powered either by the new 213 kW with 3.0 TFSI engine or one of the two powerful V6 TDI diesels and  The V10 on the Audi S6 has 320 Kw.
2009 Audi A6 & Audi A6 Avant
New models there are three equipment levels, premium, premium plus and prestige. It improves vehicle value and reduces complexity by combine the features demand by many luxury car buyers. The Audi will be release pricing for updated 2009 model year Audi A6 sedan, A6 Avant and S6 sedan, which are scheduled to arrive in United States dealership that begin of January.

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